October 04, 2016

Nails Inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray

Nails Inc Paint Can Lottie Tomlinson

I always love trying out new nail polish products.  From gels to nail stencils, there's really not much left for me to try.  When I heard about the Nails Inc Paint Cans I really wanted to try it out but something about the concept of spray painting my nails held me off for quite some time until I recently got a chance to try it out.  Here's what I think.

If you haven't seen the paint cans before, you essentially spray paint your chosen colour onto the nails instead of painting them.  On first impressions that can seem a really quick way to do your nails but to be honest it's quite the opposite.

First you'll need to get yourself a base and top coat, which the Nails Inc 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat works really well for.  You simply paint on a base coat the traditional way and once dry, you start spraying the paint can shade onto your nails.

Nails Inc Paint Can Lottie Tomlinson

The shade I had on hand was the Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray, which is a collaboration between Nails Inc and makeup artist Lottie Tomlinson (also sister to One Directions Louis Tomlinson).  As you can see above, this does get pretty messy.  While the colour did go onto the nails, I found it really difficult to get an even application and the coldness of the spray actually made the process quite uncomfortable.

I thought the top coat might even out the colour but sadly the above picture is the final product.  It looked very uneven and slightly grainy.  Not what I'd expect my manicure to look like, but perhaps a better look suited for Halloween? The main issue I had was removing the product around the skin, no matter how much soap and water and scrubbing, this stuff does not budge.  Nail polish remover was much more successful but I ended up removing the entire colour because it was so frustrating.

While I think it's a really cool idea, it just doesn't compare to a good old nail polish.  If you're looking for a gold, Nails Inc's Chelsea Embankment is much prettier on the nails and is what I put on after this disaster.  Sadly the paint can isn't for me and in my opinion, just not worth the hassle.

Where to buy: Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray - Nails Inc (£10.00)
Nails Inc 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat - Nails Inc (£8.00)

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