September 27, 2016

Primark PS Face Treats

Primark PS Face Treats

My local Primark has had a bit of a makeover recently and because of the revamp, the makeup section has pretty much doubled in size much to my delight.  I've dabbled with some of the makeup before but something completely new to me was their skincare range so I picked up a few masks to try out.

There were two choices of masks available at the time so I picked up one of each to try out.  Both of these masks are really inexpensive at £0.80 each so even if I didn't like them, it wouldn't be the end of the world.  Before trying them I noticed a couple of things, the first thing it says is not to use on blemishes which is a bit of a concern since most of us probably have them, something to keep in mind.  However, one thing that excited me about the products is that they're both made in South Korea, the face mask capital of the world so I have pretty high hopes for these two.

The first mask I tried out was the Vitalising & Nourishing Skin Revitalise Chocolate Mask (£0.80) which uses cocoa butter, shea butter and the aroma of chocolate to help bring some life back into the skin.  First thing you'll notice is the smell, its so strong that it made my mums partners dog go crazy trying to search for it in my bag.  You'll be tempted to eat it, it smells that good.  Once applied it feels so cool and fresh on your skin.  I was surprised at how much product was actually in the pouch, I even managed to decant around half of the pouch into a little travel container so you can easily gain 2 uses out of this mask.  It doesn't take long to set and harden and after 15 minutes my skin felt so soft and clean.  I'll definitely be picking this up again.

The next mask I picked up was the Brightens & Moisturises Moisture 3D Mask (£0.80), which is basically a fancy way of saying it's a sheet mask.  These type of masks are usually my favourite kind to pick up because they're much less messy and my skin needs all the hydration it can get.  It has 35ml of product inside compared to the previous face mask at 15ml so you get a lot more for your money.  When I opened up the mask, I first noticed that it's completely saturated in the product, almost too much in my opinion so you might want to ring it out a bit first.  One thing I really liked about the mask is that it doesn't just cover your face, but also goes around your neck which I haven't seen from any other mask before.  Sadly this is where the positives end because once I put the mask on my face, my eyes would not stop burning and watering.  It was so uncomfortable I only lasted around 5 out of the recommended 20 minutes which was a real shame because the mask itself felt really cooling and moisturising.  A bit of a disappointment here.

Overall for the price and quality of the products, I was really impressed by them.  I'll definitely be looking into picking up the Chocolate mask but I think I'll be staying away from the sheet mask for the foreseeable future.  Have you tried the Primark PS Face Treats?

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