May 10, 2016

A Weekend In Manchester

Manchester United

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took a little trip down south for a lovely weekend away in Manchester.  A chilled out city break with great food, lovely people and a little bit of football thrown in too.

After our 3 hour drive from Glasgow (seriously, how good is that!), we had a little time to kill before our hotel room was ready for check in so we drove straight to the Manchester United football stadium, in Old Trafford.  My boyfriend is a bit of a football fan so on the first half of the trip I gave in and let him have his moment.  We did the Museum and Stadium Tour which took you all around the stadium, onto the pitch, vip areas and even in the changing rooms.  If you have a football fan in your life, I'd highly recommend doing the tour.. it was even enjoyable for me as a non football fan.

Once the tour was over we headed over to our hotel which was Roomzzz Manchester City, a stones throw away from China Town and very easy access the rest of the city.  We took advantage of a deal they were having where every room was priced £69 a night, even the penthouse suite so we ended up with a very posh, spacious room!  I'd definitely recommend it if you're planning to visit.


Alan Turing Statue Manchester

Since we were unfamiliar with much of Manchester, we took advantage of the Free Manchester Walking Tours, just recently started by a lovely guy called Josh who told us all about the history of Manchester and recommendations on places to visit.  Only 3 of us showed up for the tour so it was pretty intimate but made it really personable and probably more enjoyable in the end.  For instance, did you know that they have a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Manchester? Or that they mark areas where acts of violence involving LGBT matters occurred with rainbow flags on the pavements? You will if you take the tour, trust me it's worth it!

Home Sweet Home Manchester

Almost Famous Burgers Manchester

We were keen on sampling some of Manchesters best food and nightlife so for breakfast we stopped by Home Sweet Home for some American style breakfast choices.  Both of us went for waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs which set us up for the day before seeing Manchester United vs Aston Villa.  Definitely got some girlfriend points that day.

We had to sample some of Manchesters burgers so we stopped by Almost Famous to sample their wacky menu.  I had the River Phoenix burger (which contained frazzles..yes the crisps!) and some Bacon Bacon fries to share.  The Haribo Smash cocktail also went down a treat.  I'm not sure if it rivals Glasgows best burger place (Bread Meats Bread) but it was a very strong contender.

Our waiter at Almost Famous recommended we head to the Alberts Schloss bar (after it being the third night in a row he'd been there) which we absolutely loved.  The bar was packed and it definitely seemed like the place to be.  Drinks were fairly priced but on the expensive side of things and we got served pretty quickly which was great.  Being from Glasgow, we weren't used to our bars having their very own sexy dancers so we had a great laugh about it and the live band made the place so lively and fun.  A place you must visit on your next trip.

It's safe to say, Manchester..we'll be back soon.

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