April 12, 2016

15 Ways to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection

15 Ways to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection

Let's be honest, our makeup collections can always use a bit of a clean or reorganising every now and then.  However, we all need a bit of motivation to really get us going so I thought I'd share some of my top tips for Spring cleaning your makeup collection.  Let's get organising!

1. Clean your makeup brushes - If you can't remember the last time you gave them a proper clean then they're well overdue a wash!

2. Disinfect your makeup collection - Clean brushes won't be much use if your products aren't clean, pick up an antibacterial makeup spray.

3. Organise your nail polishes by brand and/or colour - It makes everything much easier to find, see how I organised my nail polishes.

4. Use up old products before purchasing new ones - By purchasing more products you're just adding to your stash of unused products, rediscover your stash!

5. Replace old beauty tools - Tools such as tweezers, nail files etc all need replacing after a while.  You'll notice the difference!

6. Check expiration dates - Applying out of date makeup can be pretty dangerous, especially products for use around the eyes.  If you've had it for a long time, it's time to get rid of it.

7. Clean out makeup bags/makeup organisers - We've all had our makeup bags go a bit grubby after a while.  Give yours a good clean or get them replaced.

8. Sharpen your eye/lip pencils - Blunt pencils won't perform quite as well as sharpened ones, pick up a decent makeup pencil sharpener.  I'm a fan of this NARS one and trust me, if you're spending more than a few pounds on it, you won't let it out of your sight!

9. Give unwanted products to friend/family - If you have products you aren't using but are still fresh, why not give them to someone who will use them?

10. Look out old products and fall in love with them again - I'm sure you'll discover that nail polish you used to wear constantly or the lipstick you'd choose above them all!

11. Have a pamper night with your friends - What better way to use up your products than to have a pamper night with some loved ones?  Treat them to facials and finally use up that face mask.

12. Create new looks with products you find - You might find products that look great with your current favourite foundation, eyeshadow shades that compliment each other.

13. Commit to project 10 pan - Simply, use up 10 products before buying any new ones.  A great way to shop your stash.

14. Think before you buy - Ask yourself, do I need another nude lipstick? Will I wear green eyeshadow? If there's any doubt.. save your pennies.

15. Replace the old with the new - If there's a product you really love using but it's coming to an end.. replace it! You'll know it will get a lot of use so there's pretty much no product wastage.

Do you have any tips on how you clean or reorganise your makeup collection? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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