February 09, 2016

NARS Steven Klein Collection

NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Lip Set and NARS Steven Klein Fantascene Collection Despair Cheek Palette

NARS collaborations are always exciting as it often gives me an insight into a creative person I haven't had the opportunity to be introduced to.  This time it's all about photographer Steven Klein, known for his work with the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga.  This collection is quite large but today I have two products which I've been loving recently to share with you all.  Here's what you should expect.

NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Lip Set

The Magnificent Obsession Lip Set is a trio of lip products with a mainly red tone.  It comes in this gorgeous case (sort of reminds me of ones bands use to transport their instruments) and features the Flamenco Lipstick, Mini Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Mini Misdemeanor Velvet Lip Liner.  While the lip pencil and lip liner are on the bolder side, the Flamenco lipstick is much more subtle and sheer so it's a great combination.  However teamed up with the lip liner, you can instantly transform the look.  I wore the lip liner and lip pencil combination while working a Boxing Day sale last year and it lasted all day, that's proof enough how good it is!  It's a set that will suit everyone.

NARS Steven Klein Fantascene Collection Despair Cheek Palette

I can't resist a NARS palette so I was excited to try out the Fantascene Collection Despair Cheek Palette.  Finally a blush palette without their signature Orgasm shade, hurrah! This palette comes with a Mini Ita Kabuki Brush, Nico Blush, Esoteric Blush, Savage Blush and Ferocious Blush.  Though if I'm honest I'm really not sure which one is which! The right side shades are very wearable and should suit a wide variety of skintones.  I wasn't so sure about the peachy tone but I think it's perfect for the Spring/Summer months and it's something a little different to try.  I was excited to try out the brush but as NARS blushes are so pigmented, I find it does it's job a little too well so it's very easy to put on way more product than you need.  I think a NARS Laguna bronzer would be better in it's place but I suppose the brush helps cut down on your brush load, especially when travelling.

Overall, I'm really impressed by the collection from what I've tried.  I don't think the collection will be around for too much longer so if you're looking for some new additions to your makeup collection, these won't disappoint.

Where to buy: Magnificent Obsession Lip Set - Liberty (£29.00)
Fantascene Collection Despair Cheek Palette - Feel Unique (£45.00)

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