January 29, 2016

Primark Spring/Summer 2016 Bags

Primark Spring/Summer 2016 Bags

When it comes to accessories, I'm a total bag lady.  While my wardrobe is pretty much full of the biggest bags you can find, I felt I was lacking some modest sized choices.  I wasn't looking for anything too expensive so I popped over to Primark and I couldn't resist some of their Spring/Summer designs.  Here's what I picked up.

I needed a smaller bag for nights out or popping to the shop so when I saw the White Embossed Cross Body Bag, I had to pick it up.  It has a gorgeous laser cut design and the white colour makes it perfect for Summer.  For a £7 bag, it seems really sturdy.  Don't get me wrong, I can probably only fit my purse, keys and phone inside but that's all you really need!

Next week I'll be heading to Rome for a little city break so I needed a small handbag for the occasion.  The Grey Structured Winged Tote Bag is probably one of the nicest bags I've ever seen in Primark.  It's one of those bags that could easily sell in Zara for 3 or 4 times the price, it's such a well made bag that it's almost hard to believe where it's from.  My bag choices tend to be neutral so the grey shade is my way of branching out but it is also available in black.

Overall I'm really happy with my Primark finds.  It's definitely worth popping in if you need an inexpensive bag to take away with you on your upcoming travels.  Next week will be a quiet one for the blog but I'm excited to share what I get up to in Rome when I return.  Bring on the pizza!

Where to buy: White Embossed Cross Body Bag - Primark (£7.00)
Grey Structured Winged Tote Bag - Primark (£10.00)


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