January 08, 2016

Beauty New Years Resolutions

Beauty New Years Resolutions

It's a new year and we're back after a long, much needed break.  During the festive season I've thought about those dreaded new years resolutions and what I'd like to do this year but aside from the typical be healthier or travel more kind of goals, I thought I'd pull together a few beauty related resolutions I'd like to achieve this year.

1. Taking makeup off before bed
Now at the start of last year, I became pretty good at keeping up with my skincare routine but during those last few months I became lazy with it.  I may not do a full on routine every night but I'm determined to make sure the makeup stays off.

2. Trying out new makeup looks
It's all too easy to get into the same routine every morning, using the same products but it's such a waste having so many products that don't get used often.  I have been experimenting with different lipstick shades but this year I really want to get to grips with eyeshadow combinations and that dreaded winged liner!

3. Giving away unwanted products
All bloggers receive products, whether it be in goodybags or samples, that sadly don't meet expectations.  Too often these products sit in my beauty sample drawer untouched when they could infact go to someone who would enjoy them much more.  Personally I find it a little unethical to sell of something you've received for free so every few months I'll be going through my stash and giving products away to friends and family.

4. Making smart purchasing decisions
It's all too easy to look at the latest cult makeup product and decide I need to have it in my life.  Though I feel like it's about time I ask myself.. do I really need this?  Do I really need another red lipstick I'll use once every 6 months? Probably not.  I'll probably have some weak moments with this one (especially if nail polish is involved) but I'd like to do a little more research into what I'm buying in the future.

5. Clean my makeup products
One thing I absolutely hate doing is brush cleansing.  It takes an age to deep cleanse each brush when I'd much prefer sticking on the latest Netflix show.  But it needs to be done.  I'm aiming to do a brush clean at least once per week as there's no excuse for dirty brushes.  However it doesn't stop with brushes, I plan to disinfect my products with alcohol spray regularly and be much more aware of beauty product expiration dates.

Do you have any beauty related new years resolutions?

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