November 04, 2015

Good Things Spa

Good Things Spa Range

While I'm fine with using everyday basic shower and bath products, every now and then I throw in some treat products and make the most of my at home "spa" experience.  Good Things have recently came out with a Spa inspired range to do exactly that, bring all the spa ingredients to the home, fitting in with their sulfate, mineral oil, paraben and animal ingredients free from values.

First up is the Good Things Spa Acai Berry Body Wash.  This is your typical everyday body wash with some super fruit ingredients thrown in the mix with the Acai Berry, Raspberry and Cranberry.  From the ingredients it's safe to say that it's got a strong berry scent but I think the Raspberry seems to come out the most.  I think it's pretty difficult to find a sulfate free body wash at an affordable price so I'm really glad to find one so easily available.  The body wash lathers really well and does the job, what more can you want.  If you're a fan of the scent it also comes in a bath soak form too.

In the colder months I find my skin gets a bit rougher so the Good Things Spa Argan Oil Scrub has definitely come in handy. We all know how good Argan Oil is and I do get a little bit of the scent but to me this is much more of a typical spa oceanic scent.  If you've tried the Elemis Spa range it's very similar.  As for the scrub itself, I love the large scrub particles as I find you can really get a good scrub.  It would be the perfect pre fake tan scrub.. If I used fake tan that is.  The Argan Oil range also features a body wash, bath soak and body oil, which I'm definitely interested in.

Last but not least, we have the Good Things Spa Manuka Honey Bath Soak.  Personally I feel a bath isn't a bath without bubbles and this certainly meets those needs.  Also sulfate free, it still manages to produce a good amount of bubbles yet still manages to have that silky, bath soak effect.  Scent wise, it also includes vanilla, coconut and almond oil which I can detect much more than honey.  It's almost like Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee candle which I absolutely love.  Such a relaxing scent for bath time which also comes in body wash and body scrub form.

Overall I'm really impressed by the whole range.  We all love a treat at bath time but that certainly doesn't mean that we need to spend £20 on a shower gel.  Out of all the ranges, I have to say my favourite was the Argan Oil range as I can't get enough of the scent, I'll definitely be picking up more soon!

Where to buy: Good Things Spa Acai Berry Body Wash - Superdrug (£2.99)
Good Things Spa Argan Oil Scrub - Superdrug (£2.99)
Good Things Spa Manuka Honey Bath Soak - Superdrug (£3.49)

*This post contains PR samples


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