October 09, 2015

Primark Egg Makeup Sponge

Primark Egg Makeup Sponge

A few years ago, all I used were makeup sponges.  Those cheap little round sponges that lasted maybe 2 uses before crumbling into pieces.  When I switched to makeup brushes I never thought I would look back.  With the popularity of the beauty blender, I was intrigued but didn't really fancy spending £16 on a sponge.  Now they've become more mainstream, cheaper alternatives have come out and I'm interested to see just how they compare to the real deal.  At £1.50, I don't have much to lose with the Primark Egg Makeup Sponge.

I've seen the Primark Egg Makeup Sponge make its rounds on blogs but I wasn't all that sure if the quality would be there.  On taking it out of it's packaging, it's heavier than expected.  It doesn't feel airy or hollow, it's a pretty solid sponge.

I prefer to use my sponges wet so I ran it under the tap before use and I found that it didn't retain water very well.  This might seem like a downside but in actual fact, you don't want your sponge to be soaking wet so I was pretty happy with this aspect.

My foundation of choice to use with this is the NARS All Day Luminous foundation, as I find high coverage foundation works best with these sponges.  Compared to the Real Techniques version, it's not quite as squishy which can make it a little harder to get into those inner corners.

The best technique to use with this sponge is a dabbing motion.  I find the Primark version doesn't soak up quite as much product so the foundation actually goes on your face with very little effort.  Finish wise, my face looked really fresh and I used far less foundation than I would with makeup brushes.

Overall I think the Primark Egg Makeup Sponge is amazing value for £1.50 and can definitely rival the more expensive brands.  I think I need to stock up on more before they're gone!

Where to buy: Primark Egg Makeup Sponge - Primark (£1.50)

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