October 18, 2015

Glasgow Coffee Festival 2015

Glasgow Coffee Festival

Yesterday myself and my better half popped along to The Briggait to get well and truly caffeinated as it was the Glasgow Coffee Festival, a one day event celebrating the growing speciality coffee culture in Scotland. From flat whites to half pints everything was crammed in and we thoroughly enjoyed the day, such a laid back way to spend a Saturday afternoon, throw in some delicious sweet treats and we have ourselves perfection!

Glasgow Coffee Festival

Dough my goodness...can we just take a moment to drool over these doughnuts. We shared the chocolate one and it was the messiest, tastiest most indulgent thing ever. They were by a company called Twelve Traingles and they even had a pumpkin cream cheese flavour.

Glasgow Coffee Festival

One of our first coffee stops was at Round Square Roastery who are based in Ayr, such a delicious smooth cappucino. Perfect for a chilly atumnal afternoon.

Glasgow Coffee Festival

Alongside a whole host of coffee offerings the festival also included hot chocolate, tea, merchandise and a lots of other treats from independent companies! There was life drawing, music and a barbers also!

Glasgow Coffee Festival
We topped the afternoon off with a wee half pint from BrewDog and then headed back out into the cold. I am by no means a coffee expert and if I'm being completely honest I am normally more of a tea lover, but it was really lovely to see the passion and craft that the exhibitors put into coffee, so for one day I was most definitely a convert!

The Briggait is a beautiful space for events too, keep your eyes peeled for any more up and coming here. Whats your idea of the perfect Saturday afternoon?


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