September 10, 2015

OPI Colour Paints Collection

OPI Colour Paints Collection

OPI are known for their amazing collections and while some may not catch my eye.. every now and then something completely new comes out and I need to have it!  This time, it's the OPI Colour Paints Collection, a selection of blendable nail shades or as I like to call it.. nail art for newbies!

Normally with any nail polish collection, I pick out a few shades I like in full size and forget about the rest.  However this time I decided to pick up the set of mini shades due to the nature of the polish.  Basically the more colours you have, the better the effect.

Unlike regular polish, the blendable shades are made from a slightly thinner formula.  This means that the strength of the colour chosen is based upon how much you use and you can create new colours by layering shades on top of eachother.  It's almost like having a watercolour canvas on your nails.

For the full effect of the colour polishes, it's best to start with the Silver Canvas Undercoat which is a typical silver, metallic shade which really helps the colours pop.  Alongside the undercoat, the colours included in the 6 piece kit are: Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink, Purple Perspective and Turquoise Aesthetic.  This doesn't include every single shade in the collection but it's more than enough to experiment with.

At first I planned to be a little more selective with the colour choices but I found it best just to go crazy and layer each shade on one by one.  I thought it would take a little more practise to get the design right but I was really happy with the turnout.  Even if you're rubbish at nail art, it's pretty hard to get this wrong so it's the perfect gift for a beginner.

Where to buy: OPI Colour Paints Collection - Amazon (£11.95)

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