September 17, 2015

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Wisteria Haze

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Wisteria Haze

Although I change my nail polish pretty frequently, sometimes all I want is a polish that I can pop on, forget about and not have to do any mid week touch ups.  I've been loving the "gel" nails at home craze that's gone on recently so I was excited to try the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Wisteria Haze and see just how well it lasts.

CND is a brand that I had never heard of before until I received this polish in my Nailbox subscription.  The Vinylux collection is basically a range which is said to last a full week with no need for a base coat, all you need is the colour of your choice (with 101 to choose from) and the top coat.

Wisteria Haze is a gorgeous, lilacy/lavender shade which I think a lot of people will enjoy.  I found the formula applied really well on the nails.  You apply two thin coats so that makes it really quick to dry which is always a bonus for me.  Once the colour is set, apply the Weekly Top Coat and you're done!

As for the weekly claim, to be honest if my nails didn't grow so quickly I probably could have had it on a lot longer.  This is some seriously long lasting polish!  Overall I was really impressed by the quality of the polish, I'll definitely need to look into picking up a few more shades.

Where to buy: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Wisteria Haze - Amazon (£9.95)
CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat - Amazon (£5.95)

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