August 18, 2015

Space NK Sale Haul

Space NK Sale Haul: Diptyque, Life NK, Rococo, Lancer

If there's two things I love in Summer, one is my birthday and two, it's Space NK sale time.  This is usually the time when I hunt for birthday gifts.. for myself, hoping to pick up some beauty bargains and maybe a little Diptyque candle or two.  Here's what I picked up this time.
I made two orders this time around so we'll start with the first set.  As soon as I heard the word sale I hopped on and low and behold there were two Diptyque Christmas candles right infront of me.  These go by quickly in the sale so I snapped them up as quickly as I could.

First is the Resin Scented Mini Candle which is a very earthy, pine tree scent.  To be honest it smells almost identical to Epinette which was a previous Christmas candle from Diptyque.  It's such a fresh, winter scent and I'll be saving it for the colder months.  The other Diptyque candle I picked up was the Hiver Scented Mini Candle which is much more of your warm, spicy Christmas candle.  I don't find it quite as attention grabbing as Resin but it does add a warm, cosy feel to the home without being overpowering.

Last from this order I picked up the Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak which is basically a bath soak.  It's from Space NK's own brand and I think around £1.50 so I thought I'd give it a go.  Scent wise I find it has your typical soapy smell but overall I wasn't really blown away by it.  I wouldn't buy the full size but it's a decent enough bath soak, but nothing really stands out.

The next order I made was mainly nail polish focused.  After trying out a Rococo nail polish last year during the sale, I couldn't resist picking up more at £3 each instead of the typical RRP of £12.  The shades I picked up were Gothic Lolita, Mystic, Nightscene, Spellbound and Indie.  I wanted shades that I currently didn't own so these seemed like the perfect shades after looking up some swatches.  I've yet to give them a go but I'm particularly excited for Spellbound and Indie.

The main reason for this order was as I mentioned it was my birthday month so I received my free gift in the form of the Lancer The Method: Polish.  This isn't a brand I'd heard about before but it's basically a skin resurfacing treatment which encourages cell turnover which is something my skin could really use at the moment.  It also has a £60 price tag for the full sized version so I'm hoping this will work miracles on my skin.  The birthday gift has been typically a Space NK mini candle so it's good to have something different this year.

That is everything I picked up during the Space NK sale!  I think I managed quite a lot of self restraint this year but I also think it didn't have a great variety of products as it usually does.  Though to be honest, that's probably a good thing!  Did you pick up anything from the Space NK sale this year?

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