August 17, 2015

Festival and Camping Essentials


If you've been reading our blog from the start then you'll know that me and Sami are partial to a festival every summer. So when Sure asked if I wanted some tickets to T in the Park this year there was no chance I was saying no! Now that I'm back and I have another trip just round the corner I thought it would be a good idea to share what I believe are the essential products you need to survive camping, particularly at a festival.
Deodorant. This one should be pretty self explanatory, you're going to need this if you plan on dancing the weekend away and sleeping in a stuffy me. This year I took along my very small but very powerful Sure Motion Sense* it's small size is really handy but it has the same amount of product as the bigger can. This smells really clean and fresh which is exactly the kind of scent you need at a festival, and most importantly it actually works! I brought this home with me as there was still loads left and it only just ran out last week so a little really does go a long way, I've already bought another one of these to take with me on my next adventure.

Wipes, wipes and more wipes. A festival is probably the only time you'd catch a beauty blogger with a wash bag full of wipes, but they are just the best and most convenient option. I'd suggest some for body some for face and some for bathroom. Simple as that. The facial wipes I used were the Formula 10.0.6 Wipe Your Face Off. They removed all my makeup easily and left my skin feeling clean and comfortable.

SPF, for your face and body. There really is nothing worse than sunburn ruining your fun so prevention is key. I took along my Ultrasun SPF30 which is totally fine to use on the face as well but I took along a separate mini sample of the Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream SPF35, which was perfect as it doubled up as my foundation. This stuff was amazing, I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size of this, it had great coverage and didn't irritate my skin at all or leave it feeling greasy.

Dry Shampoo. Again a very obvious essential, I love good old Batiste as it just does the job without any fuss. I'd also recommend taking a little sample of oil if you can get your hands on one as this is perfect for using on your ends as being outside in all kinds of weather and constant dry shampooing can have a drying effect. You can also use this on your body too so it's a great multi functioning one, I took along the Caudalie Divine Oil.

Toothbrush & toothpaste. If you only take one thing make it this. Nothing feels nicer or is more important than brushing your teeth, if any of you have been to a festival you will also know that this can be a very social-able occasion, everyone gathered round the one tap for miles brushing there teeth together!

Hand Sanitiser, this is something I'm sure the majority of us carry around on a daily basis now anyway but it's never more needed than when camping, especially at a festival! I'm a total sucker for the Bath and Bodyworks ones as they just smell so good, but literally any form of hand sanitiser will do.

So that concludes my round-up of basic camping essentials, are any of you guys camping this summer? I already wish I was back at a festival now...time to start planning for next year already maybe?

*Sure were kind enough to send me tickets to TITP along with a sample of the deodorant. This is not a sponsored post.


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