July 28, 2015

Where to Save on Makeup

Where to Save on Makeup

When it comes to buying makeup, I do like to take a sensible approach.  Sure it's nice to spend a little more every now and then but why pay more if you can get a better quality product for less? Yesterday I spoke about where you should spend your money on makeup and today it's all about where to save.
I like to take the approach of spending a little more on foundation but spending less on everything else.  One product that I'm strictly drugstore on is concealer.  There are so many great drugstore concealers out there from the likes of Collection and Rimmel, plus if you get as many blemishes and dark undereye circles as I do, you need to budget.

The most used product out of my entire makeup collection has to be face powder.  Having oily skin, I go through the stuff like nothing else and I dread to think how many Rimmel Stay Matte Powders I've purchased throughout the years.  Spending £3-4 every other month, I'm fine with but I have to draw a line at the £20+ powders.

I feel that drugstores have really stepped up in terms of quality of their blusher options so I think it's a product that you can definitely save on.  Sure enough I do enjoy my NARS blush palettes but I'd be quite content popping on the £1.99 Natural Collection blushers if I'm in need of a flush of colour.  A brand that does great affordable blushers are Sleek so if you want that expensive, good quality feel without the price tag, it's worth picking up their £10 blush palettes.

I use a variety of lipsticks from £5-15 and they're all wonderful quality.  With lipsticks I'm more likely to spend a little more on your everyday shades and save on the trend colours like reds and vampy shades.  I actually found myself reaching for my Revlon shades much more than my MAC lipsticks for quite some time so there definitely is quality to be found at the drugstore.

Some of you may be shocked by this having seen a wide variety of my nail polish collection but I do think you should save on nail polish.  There's constant trends within the nail polish world so there's always something new on offer at the drugstore.  If it's a generic shade you're after such as your classic red, you can find that in almost every nail polish range so why pay more? Spend on the more interesting shades, save on the simple ones.

I hope this little two part post has been helpful and given you something to think about.  I do realise most of this will be common sense to a lot of you but for those just starting out with makeup or those who are on a tighter budget, it can be helpful to know where you can get good quality products without spending too much.  As a blogger I find we're often seen as encouraging people to spend but I do believe in being sensible.  Makeup is a luxury that many people can't afford so I'd never want people to feel they need to spend more when they don't.  I'd love to know your thoughts and what kind of products you save your money on so let me know in the comments below.

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