June 23, 2015

Bronzers For Pale Skin

Summer Bronzers: NARS Laguna, clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder, Benefit Hoola, Sleek Contouring Blush Palette
As someone who is very pale, I've always thought I could never use bronzers.  From seeing girls at school using those pots of bronzing pearls and loading up the fake tan, it was never for me and I accepted being pale.  Now I feel that there are many more options for us pale skinned ladies, I braved the bronzing makeup sections and found some products I couldn't live without.  Here's some bronzing options for pale skin.

A bronzer which I had wanted to try for a while was the Benefit Hoola bronzer.  This is a light toned, greyish bronzer which makes it perfect for contouring.  It also comes with a trusty mirror and brush though I find this is best used with a brush made for blusher as it can go on quite heavy otherwise.

If I'm wanting to warm my face up a little but don't want a full on bronzer I reach for my Clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder.  It's a sort of blusher/bronzer in one as you can see with the brown and pink tones running through it.  I find this is perfect for those new to the bronzing trend who maybe want a flush of colour but want something easy to control.

My most used bronzer out of the whole group has to be NARS Laguna.  I always thought this bronzer would be far too dark for my pale complexion but it's so subtle and easy to wear.  I'd still suggest using a light handed approach but I wear this almost everyday and I've barely made a dent in it.  If I had to choose out of the group, I'd always reach for this one.

As all my choices have been fairly expensive so far, I thought I'd include a budget option in the form of the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Fair.  I love that Sleek have palettes which suit a variety of skintones so it's really easy to find something in the perfect shade for your skin.  I find it's a slightly warmer version than Laguna but it seems to apply much more heavily so use a light hand with this one.  If you don't want to spend too much and still want a good product, give this one a go.

It's great that there are so many options for pale skin these days, from budget to high end.  Let me know what your favourite bronzer is!

Where to buy: Benefit Hoola - Boots (£23.50)*
Clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder - Harrods (£30)
NARS Laguna - ASOS (£27.50)
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Fair - Superdrug (£9.99)

*PR sample

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