June 09, 2015

Glasses Direct Experience

Glasses Direct Aspire Trillion
Recently I decided to take a much needed trip to the opticians to get my eyes tested and after putting it off for around 4 years.. it's safe to say I was in need of a new pair.  With the rise of online shopping options for glasses, I ran away from the pushy sales assistant from the opticians and decided to give Glasses Direct a go.  Here's what my experience was like.

When shopping for new glasses the first thing you need is your prescription.  Some opticians make it difficult for you to get that info but Specsavers gave me a little card straight away with all the details I needed.  They won't accept prescriptions dated from a while ago so it's best to get to the opticians to make sure you're up to date.

Glasses can be really tricky to buy as there's such a wide range of frames and they won't all suit you.  I really liked that Glasses Direct offered a free 7 day trial of 4 frames so you can try all different styles in the comfort of your own home then send them back.  Personally it took around two trials for me to find the right pair and I ultimately settled on the Aspire Trillion Glasses in black.

Glasses Direct Aspire Trillion
I found the range of glasses on offer really great as there were designer glasses such as Marc Jacobs to Dolce & Gabbana but also less expensive brands too.  I decided to stay away from the boutique range and look through the normal women's range as it meant that I could get a second free pair of my choice.

The second pair I chose were the same Aspire Trillion frames as I really liked the shape, however I got them made into prescription sunglasses for around £10 extra so I was really impressed by the price.  As I had a little offer code, I managed to get £30 off so ultimately my total came to £82 and with extra discounts going on at the same time I managed to save around £100 in total.  Two frames for under £100, is a pretty good deal!

It took just over a week for my glasses to arrive and I've been wearing them non stop ever since!  You can also return your glasses if you aren't happy with them once you've purchased.  If you're in need of new glasses, I'd urge you to give their frame trial a go and see if you can find something you like.

You're welcome to use my link for £30 off your first order, though for full disclosure this would mean I recieve a £15 amazon voucher if you do purchase.  The option is completely up to you but I think a £30 saving does make a big difference if you plan on purchasing anyway!

Where to buy: Glasses Direct Aspire Trillion - Glasses Direct (£75)

*I was not contacted by Glasses Direct for this review or affiliated in any way, this was my own experience and I paid for my glasses in full myself.

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