May 28, 2015

ORLY Sweet Dreams

ORLY Sweet Dreams
With Spring comes new releases and this month hasn't been short of new nail polish collections.  Recently ORLY have introduced their Sugar High collection with a range of sugary sweet, muted shades with a dash of lime in the mix.  One shade I couldn't wait to try was ORLY's Sweet Dreams.

Sweet Dreams is described as a grey with a pink, pearl shimmer.  I would almost agree but to me, it appears to be a sort of muted lavender shade.  What makes it stand out is the way it catches the light.  From first glance it can appear to be a solid colour but when it hits the light, the pink shimmery tone really comes through.

Application wise, I found it to apply really well though with the shimmer aspect, I did find I needed at least two coats.  That being said, the formula is slightly more on the thicker side once applied so you will need to take extra care during the drying process.

Overall I was really happy with the longevity of the polish.  I found it lasted a good 4-5 days of wear, possibly even longer with a good topcoat.  I think this shade is perfect if you're looking for something not too out there but interesting enough to make an impression.

Where to buy: ORLY Sweet Dreams - Graftons Beauty (£10.50)

*This post contains PR samples

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