May 16, 2015

Debenhams Bra Fit #knowmysize

Debenhams Bra Fit Experience
All girls know the importance of a good bra, though getting a proper fit can seem a little daunting and something most of us probably would put off.  On Thursday we took a little trip over to Debenhams in Glasgow for a taste of their bra fit experience.

During the month of May, Debenhams are urging ladies to get in for the bra fit experience which is completely free.  It's said that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and if a survey was taken amongst the Scottish bloggers at the event, that figure may be slightly higher!  We headed over to the Debenhams on Glasgow's Argyle Street which has an entire floor dedicated to lingerie, we were amazed by the amount of choice among us, literally bra heaven.

If you haven't ever had a bra fit before it's very quick and easy.  You simply ask to be fitted and the lovely lingerie assistants who first begin asking about the current bra you wear and if you're having any problems with it.  I thought it might be a bit awkward getting your boobs out in front of a stranger but they've seen it countless times and the ladies made you feel really comfortable.

In my case, the underwire was digging in a little too much so the assistant quickly assessed the situation and came back with a sample bra to see how it would feel.  I quite like that there's no fiddling about with measuring tapes and all it took was around 2 minutes to find the perfect size.. which turned out to be 3 cup sizes larger than I was previously wearing.  I was pretty shocked!  Small bust doesn't mean small cup after all.

After discussing which styles I like to wear, the ladies came back with a range of choices and assisted on trying them on.  It was a bit like personal shopping because they recommended styles that I normally wouldn't consider.  We were very kindly gifted a set from the range of Debenhams brands and I went for the Iris & Edie Black Floral Lace T-Shirt Bra and matching briefs (pictured above) as I'd get more use out of it rather than a coloured set.  Though Lisa was a little more adventurous and opted for the Gorgeous DD+ Dark Pink Floral Polka Dot T-Shirt Bra and matching briefs.

All in all, if you haven't had a bra fit in a while, I'd urge all you ladies to head down to your nearest Debenhams.  There's absolutely no obligation to buy after a bra fit, the experience was wonderful and it looks like we'll be doing a bit of bra shopping in the near future..

Where to buy: Iris & Edie Black Floral Lace T-Shirt Bra - Debenhams (£14.50)
Iris & Edie Black Floral Lace Bikini Briefs - Debenhams (£6.50)Gorgeous DD+ Dark Pink Floral Polka Dot T-Shirt Bra - Debenhams (£22.50)
Gorgeous DD+ Dark Pink Floral Polka Dot Bikini Briefs - Debenhams (£8.50)
*We were kindly gifted our bra and underwear sets but the bra fit experience is completely free for all customers.

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