April 14, 2015

Flamingo Gifts Haul

Flamingo Gifts: Mug Cakes Book, Flamingo Candles Black Iris Candle, Happy Jackson Great Ideas A5 Notebook, Bomb Cosmetics Candy Land Gift Pack
Once a birthday comes around I'm always running around trying to find the perfect present for loved ones.   However, Flamingo Gifts have saved the day and now made it much easier to find a variety of gifts in one place.  From brands such as Orla Kiely to Ted Baker to choose from, it's very easy to find the perfect gift.  They recently got in touch and very kindly offered us the chance to try some of their products out so here's what stood out to us.

Flamingo Candles Black Iris Candle (£11.00) - I can never resist a new candle and I was glad to see Flamingo Candles stocked on the website (though the two companies are unrelated to each other).  I wanted to go for something a little different so I thought Black Iris sounded wonderful.  I'd say the best way to describe it is it's a floral with a dark edge to it.  It also strangely smells like the hair dye I use but in a good way!  If the scent isn't your thing they have a ton more to choose from.

Mug Cakes Book (£8.99) - I've been really getting into the baking spirit lately but I don't always have hours to spend baking.  I thought this Mug Cake Book would be perfect as it contains 40 different recipes from the classic cakes, to special occasion cakes.  I think this would be the perfect gift for someone just starting out with baking or to future students who want to make themselves a little treat!

Happy Jackson Great Ideas A5 Notebook (£8.99) - As a blogger, you can never underestimate the power of a good notebook.  I'm someone who loves to make lists and write down ideas so I thought this would be the perfect notebook to use!  It has a really sturdy cover and the yellow colour makes you feel really inspired to write until your heart is content.

Bomb Cosmetics Candy Land Gift Pack (£12.99) - I'm a big fan of the pre-wrapped Lush gifts but I often find you don't get much for what you pay for.  I think this is a great alternative from Bomb Cosmetics which contains 5 candy inspired bath and body products such as soap and beautiful bath bombs.  Great if your gift wrapping skills aren't up to scratch!

Honorable mention: Ted Baker Gift Wrap Book (£14.99) - I felt the need to mention this product as I've never came across anything like it before.  It's a book containing 16 sheets of gift wrapping paper in beautiful Ted Baker prints along with gift tags and bows.  Sadly it was out of stock at the time but I'll definitely be snapping it up once it's back in stock!

Thank you to the lovely team at Flamingo Gifts for letting us try out their lovely range of products!  I think it's a great website for gifts, if not for others then why not treat yourself!  Now if you'll excuse me, there's some Orla Kiely mugs with my name on them..

*This post contains PR Samples

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