March 19, 2015

Models Own Microdots

Models Own Microdots
I sometimes look at my glitter polishes and think.. am I too old to wear this? Aside from the odd neon orange I tend not to be too adventurous with my shade choices.  However, I've decided life is too short and if I want my nails to look like cupcakes and confetti, so be it!  This week's shade choice is Models Own Microdots.

I started off with a base shade in Nails Inc's Floral Street.  It's a very opaque white, glossy shade which I think is pretty hard to find.  Especially one that's good quality and doesn't require multiple layers.  However, this time it's all about the Microdots.

The Microdots are basically little tiny hexagon shaped glitters which you simply apply a thin layer over your choice of nail shade.  There's a good mix of colours which gives it a really playful look.  I like the fact that only small amounts of glitter come out at once so you can spend time arranging the glitters to how you want them.

I decided to stick to 1-2 layers of glitter to give the nails a sort of confetti look.  With the glitter comes a clear polish so a top coat isn't really needed but if you want a smoother finish, a thin layer will do the trick.

All in all, I love the way it looks and if you're looking for a fun polish to try out, look no further.

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