March 31, 2015

March Favourites

March Favourites: MAC Syrup, NUDE ProGenius Oil, Diptyque Olene, Clothes Defuzzer and Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara
It's time for my March favourites!  I feel like this month has gone by so quickly, it felt like only a few weeks ago that it was snowing and now the sun is shining and Spring is now upon us.  Sadly for me that means hiding indoors from pollen as a hayfever sufferer but I can appreciate the sunshine from a distance.  Here's what I've been loving this month.

You'll all be wondering why there's a sheep in my favourites so I'll get right to explaining why.  This is a Clothes Defuzzer and I've been a little obsessed with it.  If you've ever had a favourite top or dress that has started to become a little bobbly from wearing it often, what this does is it basically cuts off all the little bobbles so your clothes look as good as new!  You can get non-sheep ones but I do find it pretty cute.

This month I purchased my first MAC lipstick in quite a while and I've been wearing it non-stop since.  MAC Syrup is one of their lustre, sheer lipsticks with a your lips but better sort of look to it.  It's so easy to pop on and I'm sure I'll get even more use out of it during the warmer months.

Sticking with makeup, I've also been loving the Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara.  I've never really been one for volumising mascaras and this mascara gives length like nothing else.  I quite like the toned down look for spring/summer so I find it really opens up the eyes and it feels like you have nothing on your lashes while wearing it.

My skin tends to need a little more moisture during the warmer months so I've been reaching for the NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil to give me that little boost.  I just find that everytime I use it overnight, it's like waking up with a brand new face.  My redness clears, my blemishes appear reduced.. If anyone has problematic skin it's definitely worth picking up.

The arrival of Spring means it's time to break out the Spring fragrances and I've been loving an old favourite: Diptyque Olene.  You probably couldn't get a more floral fragrance if you tried.  If jasmine is your thing then you'll love this, its easy to wear and for an eau de toilette.. the staying power is pretty amazing.

There you have it, my March favourites! Let us know what you've been loving this month.

*This post contains PR samples

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