March 10, 2015

Makeup Colour Matchers

Makeup Colour Matchers
I do love a bit of online shopping when it comes to beauty but sometimes it can be quite hard to find the right shades that will suit my skin tone.  Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite online tools to help me make the right choices!

Temptalia Foundation Matrix - Shopping for new foundation can be quite a tricky task.  There's so many things to consider such as shade, finish, coverage.. and not all brands may be accessible to buy in person.  The Temptalia Foundation Matrix is a lifesaver for this reason.  It's basically one huge database of foundation where it will recommend foundations based on your preferences.  You can also use your current foundation choice and shade to find similar matches.

Space NK Colour Matcher Lipstick Widget - Much like the foundation matrix but this time, focuses on lipstick.  This widget allows you to select your skin tone, colours and finishes you prefer and selects a wide range of lipstick shades created by Space NK's professional makeup artistry team.  By searching for nudes with a sheer finish for fair skin, it gave me around 30 matches to choose from!

OPI Nail Studio - OPI's range of nail polishes can be a little overwhelming at times so they've created a widget where you can basically try on all of the shades!  To make it a little more personalised, you can control the length of the nail to what you'd usually go for and select your skin tone using the sliders they provide to see how the shade would look on you.

Google Images - Don't underestimate google images!  If I'm ever looking for a new nail polish or lipstick, I always type the shade name into google images.  It means you can see a realistic image of the shade in question as the brand website can often be a little misleading.  The wide range of swatches means you can easily see if the shade suits your skin tone.

Have you used any of these makeup colour matchers?

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