March 03, 2015

Beauty Tools To Invest In

Beauty tools: Shu Uemura S Curlers, NARS Pencil Sharpener, La Vaque Tweezers and SuperDry Nail Block
I love a good beauty tool from tweezers to curlers to pencil sharpeners.. I've tried the lot.  However, up until a few years ago I'd never really considered investing money in them.  How different could a £20 tweezer be to a £3 budget one?  After losing countless budget ones, it turns out spending a little more might actually end up the less costly option! Today on the blog I'll be sharing the beauty tools I think are worth investing in.

I truly believe you won't know good tweezers until you actually have them.  For years I used the cheap ones you'd get in Christmas sets but it was a complete game changer when I tried the La Vaque Classic Slanted Tweezers ($22).  These were included in an event goodybag a long time ago and I've never looked back since.  They're sharp, comfortable to hold and make tweezing such an effortless process.  They are pricey but they do have a lifetime guarantee so if they start to feel a little blunt, La Vaque will replace them at no further cost.  Great investment!

A good eyelash curler can really make a difference and I never knew quite how much until I picked up the Shu Uemura S Curlers (£20).  These have a slightly different shape than traditional curlers but this means that you can get a lot closer to the root of the lashes.  Also, if you have particularly small eyes, you can get right into the inner and outer corners which traditional curlers can't reach.

As someone who goes through a lot of nail polish, I understand the importance of taking care of your nails so every now and then I reach for my nail buffer in the form of Superdry's Buff & Shine Block (£3).  I know what you're thinking, who knew Superdry did makeup? This little block has done wonders for my nails, it buffs, it smooths and it shines.  As you can see it's looking a little worse for wear which shows how much I use it!  I'll definitely be picking up another one in the near future.

Something that I've realised lately is that when I buy cheap beauty tools, I'm guaranteed to lose them.  However, by spending a little bit more than usual.. they're always kept in a safe place and never go missing.  This is particularly true with the NARS Pencil Sharpener (£6).  I wouldn't normally go to a high end brand for products like this but for a sharpener which has dual blades, a cover to capture shavings and a blade cleaning tool.. I think overall £6 (I originally paid £5) is a pretty reasonable price to pay!  Add up the amount you've spent over the years on inexpensive sharpeners.. exactly.

Would you spend a little more on beauty tools? Let me know your thoughts!

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