February 06, 2015

Space NK Candle Haul

Space NK Candles: Sai-Sei Candle and Life NK Parsley Mint Candle
When I'm shopping around for candles, although I do have my favourite scents, I'm always on the lookout for something a little bit different to try out.  This is usually when I wait for the Space NK sale to come around and stock up on some discounted candles to add to my collection.  Here's a few that I picked up and my first impressions of them.

First up we have the Life NK Parsley Mint Candle which is Space NK's own brand.  I went on a bit of a whim on this one as it's completely different to anything I've owned.  While it is named parsley mint, I don't detect a strong mint note but the best way I could describe it is walking into a greenhouse.  It's a very strong, greenery scent and you don't have to light it for long for it to make its impact.  If you're looking for something quite earthy and unusual, definitely give it a try.

Next I picked up the Sai-Sei Scented Candle which is a Japanese brand who specialise in skincare products inspired by mineral waters of Japan's hot springs.  I love any sort of spa/sea inspired scents so I knew this would be the perfect candle to add to my collection.  The notes featured in this candle are jasmine, soothing musk and amber which is basically a combination of my favourite scents.  This is great if you want to unwind for the day, it really does feel like you're in a spa when lit.  I also love the simplistic packaging, I wish I'd picked up more!

I'm really happy with my purchases.  I think it's quite good to wait until Space NK have their sales as you get to find lovely scents you wouldn't normally find before.  Plus £35 candles reduced to £8? Who can say no to that!

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