February 26, 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome Rose

Models Own Colour Chrome Rose
New nail polish collections are always an exciting release for me but not all of them are to my taste.  I was quite intrigued when I first heard about the Models Own Colour Chrome collection but I soon realised most of the shades weren't for me.  That's until I spotted the Models Own Chrome Rose shade and I knew I had to pick it up during the Models Own sale and give it a go.

Chrome Rose as the name suggests is a rose gold shade which has been quite popular over the past few years.  As it's a metallic polish I knew that there would probably be some issues with application so you do have to make sure to apply in straight strokes or it will show up on the nail.

I was prepared for the line issue as it's pretty standard with these types of polishes but as you can see above, I didn't expect it to show up dents in nails quite as significantly as it does here.  You'll have to give your nails a good buffing before you apply this to ensure a smooth surface.

Aside from these issues, I was really impressed by the staying power of the polish.  After 5 days of wear I didn't have any signs of chipping in the slightest.  For a metallic polish, that is very impressive!

All in all, I think it's a beautiful colour but it does require a little preparation to ensure a perfect application.  What do you think of the Models Own Colour Chrome collection?

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