February 05, 2015

Models Own HyperGel in Cerise Shine

Models Own Cerise Shine
While Models Own polishes are some of my favourites, I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the HyperGel collection.  In the past I've found them to be a little hit and miss so I thought I'd give Models Own HyperGel in Cerise Shine a go to see how it performs.

Cerise Shine as the name suggests is a bright pink and is something I wouldn't normally go for.  I'd say it's verging on Barbie pink territory but I do really like the look of it on the nails.  As it's a HyperGel it has a very shiny finish to mimic the effect of a gel polish and I think it does this really well compared to other shades in the range.

A problem I had with other shades in the range was the application, however I found this very easy to apply.  With some shades I found the formula tended to apply with a slight bubbly texture but this wasn't the case with Cerise Shine.

As for longevity, I do feel this is the area where the polish was let down.  I managed to get around 2-3 days of wear but after that I found signs of chipping around the edges of the polish which really disappointed me.

I think if you're looking for a gel effect polish for the look without getting real gel nails, it's definitely worth checking out but if longevity is your priority then sadly you might want to look elsewhere.

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