February 24, 2015

DIY: Organise Your Nail Polish Collection

DIY Nail Polish Organisation
It's about time we get crafty on the blog so today I thought I'd show you how I organise my nail polish collection.  In this DIY tutorial I'm going to show you how to create dividers for your collection to keep everything neat and tidy!  Here's what you'll need to get started.

As a nail polish addict, I noticed that my collection was getting a little out of hand and I needed a better solution to see all my of polishes.  As a result, I decided to get crafty and create some sturdy dividers so I could see each and every shade and make the decision process much easier! These dividers will fit most nail polish brands such as Barry M, Illamasqua, Models Own, Essie, old Nails Inc bottles and many more.  There's also one section for slightly longer polishes such as Butter London, new Nails Inc bottles, Avon and more.

Here's what you'll need to get started.

For the dividers you'll need a strong piece of cardboard to cut out your dividers.  I'd recommend cardboard over paper or card as it's much sturdier and will hold everything in place.  You don't necessarily need to go and spend a fortune in an art shop, collect some boxes from the online orders you've made and get recycling.  For mine I've used some old box lids from stationary boxes but you could pop to your local supermarket and ask for some spare boxes, you'll probably get them for free and save some pennies!  To fit one drawer you'll need approx 2 A2 sized sheets of cardboard.

Now these dimensions will be correct to fit the IKEA Alex 9 Drawers but if you're planning to put them elsewhere you'll need to make a few tweeks.

DIY Nail Polish Organisation

1. Cut out 8 rectangles of cardboard = 36cm (length) x 4.5cm (height).
2. Draw a line down each 3cm length of the 36cm.
3. Cut down each 3cm line, approx half way down as shown in the picture to create slots.
4. You should end up with 8 rectangles with 12 sections.

Once you've done the vertical dividers, now you'll move onto the horizontal ones.

1. With the dividers you've just made, use it as a stencil and draw out 9 1/2 sections.
2. With the 1/2 section, combine this with the last section as it will be used for slightly more rectangular polishes.  You don't have to cut in the middle of this section as shown above, it's just to illustrate where the 9 1/2 point comes from.
3. Make 11 of these.
4. You should end up with 11 rectangles with 9 1/2 sections.

DIY Nail Polish Organisation
Once all your dividers are cut out (you should have 8x12 sections and 11x9 1/2 sections) it's time to put them in place.  First line up your 8 long vertical pieces facing upwards and simply slot your horizontal dividers facing downwards into the slots.

With it all in place, you'll have space to fill 90 polishes! 80 normal shaped and 10 slots for slightly more rectangular ones. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and hopefully we'll be doing some more in the future.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll help you out.  Now.. organise by colour or brand? Tough decisions!

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