February 13, 2015

Beauty Documentaries You Should Watch

Beauty Documentaries: Dr Bronners Magic Soapbox, Nightmare Factory, Burt's Buzz
Aside from makeup, something I love doing is watching documentaries.  So why not combine the two together and learn a little more about the different sides of the industry.  From skincare start ups to special effect makeup, these are a few of my picks that you should watch.

1. Dr Bronners Magic Soapbox (2006) - An insight into the beginnings of Dr Bronners Magic Soap.  First started by Dr Emanuel Bronner, a master soapmaker from Germany who escaped to California shortly after being institutionalised to begin making his famous all-natural peppermint soap.  The documentary allows you to experience the inner workings of a billion dollar company that has managed to stay true to it's values with a family business attitude. 3/5

2. Nightmare Factory (2011) - Makeup isn't all about looking pretty.  This documentary follows a team of special effects artists, sharing their passion for the art.  It takes a look into various movies and tv shows such as Inglorious Basterds and The Walking Dead to demonstrate the importance of the makeup artistry in the entertainment industry. 5/5

3. Burt's Buzz (2013) - Heard of Burts Bees? This is the story of founder Burt Shavitz and how the brand developed to be how it is today.  Now 80 years old, Burt reflects on his experience as a bee keeper, developing his business into selling candles and expanding into the products we know and love today.  It's an intimate insight into the reclusive founders life and his complicated relationship with the company throughout the years. 4/5

Have you seen any of these documentaries? Let us know if you have any suggestions on what we should watch next.

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