February 04, 2015

& Other Stories Fragrance Collection

& Other Stories Fragrance Discovering a new fragrance is one of my favourite ways to kick start a new year, a good perfume can work wonders for your mood and confidence which is perfect for beating off any negativity. When I heard that one of my favourite stores & Other Stories were launching there own range of fragrances last year, I knew I had to have a sniff. So you can imagine my delight when they sent me some over to try out, and trust me they did not disappoint there really is a scent here to suit every nose.

& Other Stories fragrance Before we talk scents lets just take a moment to admire the bottle, each perfume is contained in the same simple chic bottle, the only differentiation between scents is a small stroke of colour and the ribbon. I'm not really one for overly fussy perfume bottles as although they can look beautiful they aren't very handbag friendly, so this design is the perfect balance of style and practicality for me. 

& Other Stories Fragrance From left to right;

Botanic Whisper- "Vivid orange blossoms tinged with coriander." This fragrance is so fresh and uplifting, it's definitely the citrus element that comes across first and then the freshness of the coriander mellows everything out to create a clean, bright scent that instantly boosts the mood. This one would be perfect for those who need a little perking up in the mornings, or anyone looking for a really brightening everyday fragrance. 

Morrocan Tea- "Fresh mint leaves stirred into sweet amber tea." If you like mint then you will love this, it's a very sweet green scent that is incredibly refreshing and very calming. On first spritz it's definitely the mint that hits you, but once settled the sweet tea comes through to add a feminine edge to the fragrance. This would be the ideal travel companion for hot weather or keeping on hand for stressful situations as it is so calming and refreshing, I really don't think that I could ever tire of spraying this. 

Punk Bouquet- "Frothy vanilla soda on a rebellious rose bouquet." Well with the words vanilla and rose in the same description for me this was an obvious favourite. This is a romantic feminine fragrance that ticks all the right boxes for me. The sweet vanilla is the first scent to appear upon spraying and then the warm rose comes through to create a gorgeous girly fragrance that you cannot help but love. This one is perfect for those who want to wear a sweet girly fragrance that still has a warm edge to it. 

Fig Fiction- "Musky, green fig leaves swaying in the warm evening air." This one is definitely the most grow up out of the four, it's an elegant earthy fragrance with a sweet richness to it. The fig is the true scent of this one with a rich earthy undertone that gives this a modern edge. Fig fiction would be perfect for evenings or occasions when you need a stronger fragrance, the scent is really balancing and warm, and one that I will sporting on my next evening out. 

These fragrances retail at £26.00 each which, considering the quality and longevity of the perfume is wonderful value for money. Unfortunately right now this selection of scents are sold out on-line, but if you are near a store then please go take a look. Whether your looking to find the perfect scent for yourself or want to pick out a special Valentines treat for someone these are perfect. Now I just have to choose which one to wear today, decisions decisions.....

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