January 12, 2015

Soap and Glory The Next Big Thing

Soap and Glory The Next Big Thing
A brand I've never tried until recently is Soap and Glory.  Over the years I heard such good things about their products so at the end of last year I decided what better way to give them a go than picking up the Soap and Glory The Next Big Thing gift set.  Although the 10 piece set is now sold out, each product is available to buy seperately so I thought I'd take this opportunity to run you through each product and my thoughts on it!

First up is Hand Dream which is their 5-in-1 fast absorbing hand cream with AHAs, grapeseed, macadamia and shea butter. I actually really enjoyed using this as it left my hands feeling really soft and moisturised with a light, fresh scent.  Maybe not quite handbag friendly sized but it does the job for a quick moisture boost for dry hands.

One of the body washes included in the set was the Orangeasm body wash.  Normally I'd associate Soap & Glory with sweet, girly scents but this is actually very fruity and citrusy so it's great for a morning shower to wake you up.  Probably not something I'd pick up for myself but it does the job and I love the huge bottle and pump dispenser it comes in.

To go with the massive body wash, the Butter Yourself moisture lotion also comes in a very generous size with a super handy pump.  I find this has a complementary scent to Orangeasm but it's not quite as citrusy.  I also find it's quite lightweight so it's great for putting on straight out of the shower.

After working through a very busy Christmas period, the Heel Genius foot cream was a real treat to use.  It smells very fresh and has a sort of cooling effect on the skin so I really like applying it overnight and letting it work it's magic.  Scent wise it does follow the citrusy theme but I find that quite refreshing compared to the traditional peppermint scent you find in foot products.

One product I've thought about trying over the years was the Sugar Crush body scrub so I was excited to finally try it.  I expected something a little sweeter but it has much more of a citrusy, lime scent which is really refreshing to use.  The scrub worked really well but I'm not sure if it's entirely necessary to have in my routine.  Not something I'd repurchase regularly but if I get into fake tan I'll probably give it another go!

Perhaps my favourite out of the range has to be the Whipped Clean shower butter.  It's such a luxurious, soft cream wash that makes your skin feel so soft and smooth afterwards.  Most of the scents found in this set are quite citrusy so it was a nice surprise to try something really sweet with vanilla, pistachio and almond in it.  The whipped, creamy texture makes it perfect for shaving too.  I'd definitely pick this up again.

If I needed something a little heavier than Butter Yourself, then I'd reach for The Righteous Butter.  This comes in a large tub so it's not quite as convenient but if your skin is very dry I think this is a little more intense.  Comparing the scents, I think they're very similar so it really depends on the kind of moisturiser you prefer.

Now we all know how you should avoid face wipes but I really enjoyed using the Off Your Face wipes.  While they did remove makeup, I actually preferred to use them in the mornings as a sort of toner/exfoliator before I applied my makeup to refresh my skin.  I found that they really helped the texture of my skin feel much smoother as they have a slightly rougher texture than other wipes I've tried.  If you are going to use face wipes, these might be worth a try!

Not only did the set feature bath and body products, they also featured two of their makeup items: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Charm Offensive and the Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara.  As someone who doesn't like lipgloss, the sexy mother pucker is a bit lost on me but I can definitely get on board with the mascara for bold, thick lashes.

All in all, I think sets like these are a great way to try out a variety of products if you've never tried anything from the brand before.  While I liked the variety of scents, I think I would have preferred the scents to be a little more along the lines of sugary sweet but it did give me the opportunity to try products that I normally wouldn't have picked up.  If I was to repurchase anything in the future it would definitely be the Whipped Clean Shower Butter.  What did you think about the Soap and Glory set?

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