January 05, 2015

NARS Virtual Domination Palette

Nars Virtual Domination Palette
Whenever NARS bring out new products, it's always very exciting for me.  To me, they're a brand that always get it right and if money were no object, I'd easily be able to get everything I need from them.  When I heard they were bringing out a new cheek palette in the form of the Virtual Domination Palette, I knew I had to have it.  Here's what you should expect.

Nars Virtual Domination Palette
The Virtual Domination palette features 1 highlighter (Miss Liberty), three blushers (Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut) and 1 bronzer (Laguna).  A typical NARS blush sold separately comes with 4.8g of product and bronzers have 8g.  In this palette each blush is 4.5g and the bronzer is 10g so you really get great value for money here.  Compared to the previous blush palette, One Night Stand, you get 1 less blusher but you get a much larger bronzer and 0.5g more product in the blushers.

One thing I did notice right away is that this palette doesn't feature Orgasm, their signature blush which I'm quite pleased with.  I feel it's been overdone and I'm much happier with the selection here.  Included instead is Deep Throat, (a peach with shimmer) personally one of my favourites and one I use almost everyday.  Another familiar product is Laguna, their famous bronzer which is also a welcomed addition to the palette.  It may look dark but it's extremely flattering on pale skin!  The last familiar product is Miss Liberty, the highlighter of the palette.  Personally I find it too glittery for my liking but I could make it work for nights out.

The palette also features two limited edition blushers: Sex Fantasy (a matte, pale lavender pink) and Final Cut (a slightly paler, peachy coral).  Not typically shades that I would go for but I've found they work really well with my skintone and I'm looking forward to experimenting with them more.

Compared to last years version, I have to say I find the blushers much more pigmented this time.  Previously I found that I could be a lot less careful with the amount I collect on the brush but this time a little really goes a long way.

If you're interested in trying out a selection of NARS products but don't know where to start, this is a great place to begin.

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