January 29, 2015

MAC Formidable

MAC Formidable
Just when I thought there wasn't a nail polish brand I haven't tried, Lisa pulled off the impossible and kindly gifted me one for Christmas in the form of MAC Formidable.  While MAC are basically the king of makeup brands, one thing I never hear mentioned about is their nail polishes so I was excited to see how well they perform.

First let's get into colour.  MAC Formidable is a gorgeous duo chromed polish.  I'd say it's main colour base is purple but it has lots of tones from teal to navy, with the added shimmer, it really is something quite special.  I believe it's from the Venomous Villains: Maleficent collection which would explain the inspiration behind the shade.

Application wise, I found it very easy to use.  The brush is on the small side so it's easy to apply the shade on small nails.  The colour also blends really well, usually with metallic/duo chrome base nail polishes you have to be more careful with the brush strokes but I had no issues here.

The most impressive thing for me is how long it's lasted.  Without a sign of a top coat, I've had approx 5 days wear without any single sign of chipping.  If you've read any of my other reviews on metallic nail polishes you'll know they have a bad reputation for chipping fast so this was really impressive.

I really can't fault this shade and it looks like I'll be heading over to MAC for some more!

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