January 23, 2015

Kusmi The Moments Tea Selection

Kusmi Tea The Moments
As a bit of a tea lover, I'm always looking to try new and interesting brands so I was very lucky to receive the Kusmi The Moments Tea Selection from Santa this year.  If you're new to loose leaf teas, this is a pretty good place to start!  If you've never heard of Kusmi, they're a european tea brand who started in Russia and have been around for 140 years.  They have quite an interesting history if it's something you're interested in.  They're best known for their selection of loose leaf teas.  Here's what you should expect from the selection.

Kusmi Tea The Moments
I'd say out of the sets Kusmi offer, The Moments seem to be the safest option to someone new to loose leaf teas.  The set features black teas such as Russian Morning N°24, Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Kashmir Tchai and Jasmine Green Tea.  I could tell just from the sound of the selection I was going to enjoy it!

Starting with Russian Morning N°24, it's a black tea from China mixed with black tea from Ceylon to create a subtle, yet chocolatey taste.  As the name suggests it is recommended for the morning to kick start your day.

Earl Grey is also a black tea with the traditional fresh flavour of bergamot.  It's a lovely alternative to your typical morning teas.

If you're looking for something without caffeine, the set also features a Decaffeinated Earl Grey so you can enjoy the flavour of Earl Grey nearer bedtime.  Compared to the caffeinated version, I find this one a little more fruity.

Last year I discovered the wonder that is Chai tea so I was very happy to discover the set featured Kashmir Tchai.  It's actually one of their oldest blends and traditionally served in India and Nepal.  It has a lovely sweet, spicy taste without tasting too sickly as some Chai tea can.

Last but not least is the Jasmine Green Tea which is my favourite kind of tea.  I find this version really easy to drink as the jasmine scent/taste doesn't overpower and it's perfect for afternoon tea.

Loose leaf teas can take a little more time to prepare but the result is definitely worth it.  Out of all the teas I would say the Kashmir Tchai and Jasmine Green Tea are my favourites.  I'll definitely be up for trying more in the future!

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