January 22, 2015

Illamasqua Creator

Illamasqua Creator Nail Varnish
Every now and then in the beauty world the question: Are high end nail polishes worth it? tends to pop up and while it might not always be the case, there are some shades I'd happily invest in.  Over the years I've searched for dupes for a favourite of mine, NARS Night Breed, and I've found a pretty solid dupe in the form of Illamasqua Creator.

If I'm ever looking for an out of the ordinary nail polish (or makeup in general) I always think of Illamasqua.  Now they don't come cheap at £14.50 but for something unique, I'm willing to spend a little more.  Illamasqua Creator is described as a magical black.  It's basically a black polish with very tiny speckles of silver glitter which gives it a real spacey, galaxy vibe.

With the size of the glitter, it applies very smooth which is unusual for a glitter polish so if you're not usually a fan of chunky glitters this might be for you.  It's a shade that looks really impressive on the nails and it's usually my go to shade for nights out if I'm feeling indecisive but want something that stands out.

Formula wise I think it's spot on.  It glides over your nails with ease, even on the second coat which I find most glitter polishes don't do so well with.  I would say the polish is long lasting but as long as you have a top coat.  I found it started to have a little bit of chipping around the edges on the first go but the problem was completely solved after a glossy top coat.  I also think the top coat makes the polish look much more erm..polished.

If you're ever looking for something different I'd always recommend giving Illamasqua a go.  They also have fantastic individual swatches of each polish on the nails so you can see exactly how it looks in real life.

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