December 01, 2014

Lush Christmas

Lush Christmas Poptastic
This is the time of year when all the beauty brands really step up their game and bring out the best beauty gift sets.  I always look around at various brands but one that really gets me excited is when Lush bring out their Christmas collections.  It's also the time when I can be seen stocking up on a years supply of Snow Fairy.  As always they come out with fantastic gift sets so I thought I'd give you a little insight on what to expect this year.

I have two gift sets to share with you but first up is Poptastic.  This is one of their more affordable gift sets which features two bath bombs from the Christmas collection.  First up is Cinders which is personally one of my favourites from previous years, Lisa is also a fan.  Cinders is a sweet, yet spicy scented bath bomb with cinnamon and some vegan popping candy on top.  Shoot for the Stars also features in the set with a citrus based scent.  I find this one a little easier on the eye than Cinders as it features a swirl of blue, pink and yellow tones.

Lush Christmas Festive Funtimes!
Something a little different is Lush's Festive Funtimes gift set which is based around their product called Fun.  Think of it as a playdoh but for your bath.  You can mold them into all different shapes and when you're done having fun it can be used as shampoo, bubble bars and soap.  In the set you'll get 4 kinds of fun including: Green, Red, Gold and a special Snowman Fun Kit which gives you the colours you need to build a snowman.  When someone asks you if you want to build a snowman, you can actually say yes.  If you've had enough fun the set also features two shower gellies: Snowman Jelly (gelly literally shaped like a snowman) and Woosh.  I think this set would be great for kids if you want to make bath time a little more fun.

If you've never checked out Lush's Christmas range before I'd urge you to pop into the shop.  I currently have my eye on their Yognog soap and Northern Lights bath bomb.  Their gift sets come wrapped so if you're a terrible present wrapper, they'll definitely save the day.

*This post contains PR samples

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