December 15, 2014

Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Creams

Bumble and Bumble BB Repair Blow Dry Cream, Bumble and Bumble BB All Style Blow Dry Cream and Bumble and Bumble BB Straight Blow Dry Cream
As someone who blow dries their hair almost every single day (bad I know!), I'm always looking for the perfect product to help me along with the dreaded process.  Bumble & Bumble have recently added to their range of Blow Dry creams and introduced 3 products to suit all different kinds of hair problems.  If your hair is damaged, oily or frizzy, you're sure to like one of these.  Here's what you should expect from the range.

First we have the BB Repair Blow Dry Cream which is for dry or damaged hair.  It has a heat-protective. serum-in-cream elixir that helps bring some nourishment back into the hair.  I really like this because the cream is very lightweight and you can be quite generous with the amount you apply to the hair.  Compared to the other blow dry creams, I find this is the one that gives me the most shine and my hair looks so much healthier after using it.

For the oily hair sufferers, you need the BB All-Style Blow Dry Cream.  This cream is unlike any other I've tried.  It has a sort of cream to powder texture to it which helps absorb any excess oils so I find my hair lasts much longer between washes while using it.  It also adds some volume to the hair without appearing frizzy so it's perfect for those with fine hair who need a little boost.  In terms of finish I'd say the powder aspect makes the hair appear slightly more matte than BB Repair.

Last but not least is the BB Straight Blow Dry Cream, this is for those who suffer with frizz or unruly curls.  As someone with naturally curly hair it's a daily struggle to tame it but this cream really helps smooth the hair and cut down on the styling process.  The texture is slightly thicker than BB Repair so I find you need to use this a little more sparingly.  I sometimes find this effective enough at straightening during the blow drying process that I don't need to follow along with hair straighteners.

I think all of the blow dry creams are fantastic, it really just depends on your hair type on which one will suit you best.  If I had to choose out of the three, I'd definitely go for the BB Repair Blow Dry Cream as it gives the most shine out of the three.  You can pick up the blow dry creams in 2 sizes: 60ml for £12 or 150ml for £23.

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