October 17, 2014

Suti Skincare

Suti Skincare Purity Organic Balm, Suti Skincare Rejuvenate Face Oil for Day and Suti Skincare Nourish Face Oil for Night
A couple of weeks ago, we took a little trip to Wholefoods at Giffnock to meet with the lovely Suzannah, one of the founders of Suti Skincare.  If you've never came across Suti before, it's a brand which is based on Energy Healing.  Basically selecting each individual ingredient for a specific purpose such as organic essential oils, making sure their products are 100% natural, plant and botanical based.  The Suti website can explain their philosophy in more detail, it's very interesting.  After a lovely chat with Suzannah, we headed home to try out three of their lovely products.  Here's what we think of them.

First up we have the Purity Organic Balm (50ml) which is a restorative balm for sensitive skin.  If you've been keeping up with my skin troubles, you'll know I have a hard time finding products to work with it so I was delighted to find a product absolutely perfect for my skin.  The Purity Balm features Calendula: a healer for skin irritations with anti-septic properties, Chamomile: an anti-inflammatory with a calming and soothing effect on the nerves and skin and Lavender: with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cell rejuvenation properties with added ability to destress and calm nerves.  Coincidentally before meeting Suzannah, I had just picked up some tea with Chamomile and Lavender for night time so they're a perfect match to use before bed!
The balm comes in a little pot with a spatula which you scoop the product out with (smaller than a pea size!) and massage it into the skin.  Scent-wise, if you've ever tried Lush's Angels on Bare Skin, it's exactly the same.  Once massaged into the skin, I remove it with a flannel and my skin feels clean and soft without feeling stripped of moisture.  This is definitely a rival for my usual Lush Ultrabland Cleansing Balm.

The Rejuvenate Face Oil for Day (30ml) was intriguing to me as I've never used an oil during the day before.  It's main purpose is to calm and repair the skin, bringing life into your skin.  The Rejuvenate Face Oil features Rosehip Seed Oil: which contains over 60 times more Vitamin C than citrus fruits which helps with cell regeneration and premature aging, Evening Primrose Oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids to repair skin cells, Argan Oil: rich source of Vitamin E to help with anti-aging and sun damaged skin, Frankincense: a wound healer to reduce scar tissue and Clear Quartz: used by ancients to purify water.
Although the oil felt pleasant on the skin, I found it didn't agree with my skin in the long run.  I found the citrus scent overwhelming, causing headaches (something that seems to run in the family) and products containing higher levels of Vitamin C tend to cause my skin irritation.  I've found this to be true over all products/brands I've tried with these characteristics so that's more about what my skin likes rather than an overall opinion of the product.  I think as long as your skin isn't too sensitive this will be great to use but sadly I'll have to pass on this occasion.

Last we have the Nourish Face Oil for Night (30ml) which is suitable for all skin types.  Thankfully this one was much more suited to my skin than the previous oil.  This oil is used to promote cell growth while you sleep, nourishing the skin and create stillness while the oil works it's magic.  The Nourish Face Oil features Avocado: helps to reproduce skin cells, giving strength to the outer skin with easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, Macadamia: the only plant oil to contain high levels of palmitic acid (found naturally in skin oil aka sebum), Jasmine: a strong flower which helps calm the emotions, Patchouli: a cell regenerator with a calming effect and Clear Quartz: used to purify water.
This oil in particular made me really excited to try it as not only is Jasmine one of my favourite scents, products containing Macadamia oil have made a huge difference to my skin in the past.  I knew from the beginning this would be a good one.  The oil is slightly thicker than the day oil, yet not too heavy.  I find it sinks into the skin really well for a comfortable sleep and when I wake up my skin looks really healthy and nourished.  I think this one is particularly good for acne prone/oily skin as it sort of rebalances the skin.

I think Suti have done a great job with these products.  If anything they encourage you to research more into the ingredients contained in your skincare.  Not only do they have a list of the main ingredients they use but they tell you the reason why they're effective which is very refreshing.

If you're interested in trying Suti products you can pick them up in Wholefoods, via Sutiskincare.com or one of their other many stockists.  They also have a sample pack of all the products featured here plus more for £9 should you wish to give them a go before picking up the full sized products!

*PR Sample

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