October 16, 2014

Paul & Joe Nail Polish in Oh Holy Night

Paul & Joe Oh Holy Night
While Lisa has been a fan of Paul & Joe products for quite a while, I'm still quite new to the brand.  One thing I do notice is that whatever product you buy from them, it will always have beautiful packaging.  Almost like it's meant for your dressing table.  I decided what better way to start than judging them by their nail polish.  This week's nail choice is Paul & Joe's Oh Holy Night.

Now I've had this polish for quite a while but it's been hiding in the back of my stash.  First impressions on the shade that it's a beautiful sort of teal shade with tiny speckles of glitter.  It's what I would imagine a mermaid would wear.

While it might look pretty on the outside, the same can't be said for the formula.  It's not that it was particularly hard to apply, but the drying process was a deal breaker for me.  Once it's drying, it has a sort of thick/sticky texture which makes it incredibly easy to smudge.  I'm not talking about waiting 10 minutes for it to dry, I'd say more like 5+ hours before you can even think of doing anything.  While this hand pictured seems to look ok, the other hand has dents and smudges all over the place.

While it is a beautiful shade, it's just not worth the hassle for me.

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