October 23, 2014

ORLY Darkest Shadow

ORLY Darkest Shadow
I'm always on the hunt for a new special nail polish and one trend I've seen come up more often is the subtle glitter.  As someone who wears a lot of black/dark clothes, I find it's one way to inject a little colour without making your nails the center of attention.  ORLY have recently released their Autumn 2014 collection: Smoke which features a collection of dusty tones with matte shimmers.  First up in the collection is ORLY's Darkest Shadow.

Darkest Shadow is described as an oil slicked black with red shimmer.  I also find when it catches the light it has some orange tones so it's a perfect autumnal shade.  In terms of formula, it applies very easily over the nails due to the tiny glitter particles.  Once dried it settles into a more semi-matte finish so if you'd prefer a glossy finish you're best to use a top coat.

This particular polish reminds me of the NARS Night Series, it's sort of the red version of NARS Night Breed.  For longevity I find it lasts around 3-4 days on the nail until you start to see a little bit of chipping around the edges.  However, I do think this could be prolonged with a topcoat.

All in all I think it's a gorgeous polish and definitely one to pick up during the Autumn season.

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