October 15, 2014

Mini Lush Halloween Haul

lush Halloween haul
Lush, the heaven of the beauty obsessed, Mecca of the bath lover and home to some of the prettiest products in the world. One of things I personally love about Lush is the seasonal products, the quirky little bits that coincide with the time of year. So I decided last week to pop in and treat myself to a few bits that were sort of Halloween/Autumn themed, because the only thing I love more than a bath, is a bath with a pumpkin fizzing about in it.

Speaking of pumpkins the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar was the first thing I picked up. This little beauty is covered in glitter, so please be prepared to for a lot of transfer with this one (I secretly love that). It smells really quite fruity and fresh, which makes a nice change to the usual sweet offerings at this time of year, and obviously looks extremely cute and festive because its a small sparkly pumpkin.
lush Halloween haul
The next thing I popped in my basket was the the Wizard Bubble Bar, which smells amazing. This is a really relaxing scent, definitely one I'll be using in the evening as it has a slight herbal smell to it. It looks so lovely as well I love the metallic purple, and the bubble bars from lush always make the best baths.

Last but by no means least is Cinders Bath Bomb. This is my all time favourite lush bath bomb ever, which is quite the claim. I know this is more of a Christmas themed product but the colours and the crackling effect when you pop it in the bath could potentially count for Halloween too. This smells spicy and sweet and wonderful, and the little crackling beads make it such a bath time treat.

I cannot wait to go back to Lush soon to start stocking up on all the Christmas products, this really is the best time of your for bath and body products. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off for a pumpkin infused bath...

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