October 21, 2014

Kneipp Shower & Bath Products

Kniepp Shower Gel and Bath Salts
Admittedly natural beauty brands are still quite an unexplored territory for me, so when I was asked to try out some treats from Kneipp I was more than happy to accept and dip my toe into a new brand. I hadn't really heard of Kneipp before, but after some research I understand the brand goes back to Sebastian Kneipp who developed 'The Five Pillars' back in the 1800's. These pillars consist of water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance, which makes complete sense. I was sent over some of the bathing products to try from the very extensive range, and I think it's safe to say when it comes to a Kneipp shower, I'm completely converted.

It was the Cheerful Mind Body Wash* I tried out first, and with it's passion fruit and grapefruit oils you can't help but feel cheerful. This is the perfect body wash for darker Autumn mornings, a gorgeous sharp fruity scent that literally smells good enough to eat. The formula lathers up into a thick creamy gel that leaves skin feeling soft and nourished, but it really is the smell that makes this so amazing.

Something that really interested me about Kneipp was the vast range of products targeted towards certain ailments, such as cold and flu bath salts. I tried out the Sinus Relief Body Wash* and oh my gosh this was incredible. If you are at all congested or really like menthol scents then you need this, I have never experienced a shower like it. This is going to be my new best friend over the winter months as aside from this being a lovely body wash, I have never felt so refreshed and clear.

I am always a fan of anything that claims to aid sleep, so the Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt* was high on my list to try. Made with Valerian and Hops extract the salts encourage relaxation and hopefully give a sounder nights sleep. The salts dissolved really quickly and filled my entire flat with a very unique relaxing scent. I felt so peaceful and pampered after using these, I was just sad that they were all gone. I'd maybe only use half the pack the next time as the scent is definitely strong enough to still be effective with half the amount I'd say.

After trying these products, I am most definitely keen to try out some more from the range, I think the products suit the winter months so well. You can purchase Kneipp from various places including feel unique, I have my beady eyes on the Pure Bliss Body Wash next, have you tried anything from Kneipp?

*PR Sample


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