October 28, 2014

Hely Hair Studio

hely hair Anyone who knows me will be aware of my slight issue with hairdressers...by issue I mean total avoidance. Not due to any bad experiences or anything, just because I really really love having long hair. I'm pretty simple when it comes to hair, I don't dye it, I don't get it cut into outrageous styles and I don't really experiment. However, one thing I did need to do was breathe some life back into it and give it some much needed pampering. I met Sindy the Creative Director from Hely Hair Studio at a recent blogging event and after some words of wisdom a week or so later I knew it was time to give her a call and let her work her magic on my tired locks.

Hely Hair Studio is located in Glasgow's West End and has an impressive history, the salon recently just celebrate an amazing 90 years of hairdressing. Established in the early 1920's by Robert Hely Snr the Hely name is now one of the most admired in the industry and I was very chuffed that I was invited along to get my hair transformed.

I arrived at the salon and was warmly welcomed and shown to my seat with plenty to read and drink whilst I waited. Sindy, whose grandfather actually opened the salon 90 years ago came over and spoke me through the plans. I felt really confident and calm that she understood exactly what I wanted. We agreed that my hair needed some serious nourishment, and a good old tidy up. Nothing too crazy but for me it would make a huge difference.
hely hair studio The first stage was a technique I'd never seen before, my hair was twisted and then any dead or snapped ends that stuck out where trimmed carefully, this didn't have any effect on the length or thickness of my hair, but made such a difference to the smoothness and appearance of my locks.
hely hair studio hely hair studio I was then introduced to Eirinn for some shampooing, she used products from La Biosthetique on my hair, a brand I had never heard of. The products she chose from me where specifically designed for dry and damaged hair. After shampooing my hair the intensive mask was then applied and I was left to relax under one of the dryers whilst the mask went to work on saving my poor damaged hair. After rinsing the mask out and applying some leave in conditioning spray it was time for the chop...
hely hair studio Which could not have been better. I felt that Sindy understood exactly what I wanted and really embraced the fact that I love my long hair, which was so refreshing. Obviously I had to get some of the length taken off but I was really happy with the result as it wasn't too dramatic but really did make a difference to the bounce and finish of my hair.
hely hair studio Before hely hair studio After
Following an amazing blow-dry (which lasted three days) I was amazed at the finished result, I had never seen my hair look so healthy and shiny, it was exactly what I had wanted. I cannot recommend the salon enough, my experience from beginning to end was lovely and I will most definitely be returning. All information regarding bookings and prices is available at the Hely Hair Studio's website. You can also keep up to date with the salon and see some amazing transformation pictures over on their twitter account which is @helyhairstudio.

I can't stop swishing my hair about, I am now off to wash it and try and re-create that amazing blow dry...wish me luck!


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