October 26, 2014

Sunday Life #3 - Halloween Decorating

Something I always really enjoy is adding seasonal touches to my bedroom, especially in the later months of the year, I love embracing the seasons and any holidays or festivals by adding little touches to my home d├ęcor without breaking the bank. So as it's Halloween next week I decided to share with you all some of the little bits and pieces I've dotted around my bedroom to get me in the spooky spirit, First up is obviously a pumpkin by my window, all the supermarkets have pumpkins in and this one was only £1.50 from Asda, I didn't bother buying one of the carving kits I just used a kitchen knife (carefully of course) and a spoon.

It wouldn't be Halloween without candles or candy. I absolutely LOVE the fizzy fang sweeties from Sainsbury's so I filled one of my Kilner Jars up with them, and I think it looks quite good. My large pillar candle is from Tesco and the small black one is a mini Yankee Candle in the scent Witches Brew.
A little IKEA dish filled with some chocolate pumpkins from Tesco.
This candle is from Home Bargains and it was so cheap, I didn't really see the point in investing lots of pennies into a candle that I only really want to burn over the Halloween period, I think this was around £3.50, and it smells just as delicious as some of the more expensive ones.
I love this little witches hat from one of my local Pound Shops, I got a ghost and a pumpkin too which I have hanging from my light and I completely forgot to photograph them which is annoying. The little sparkly pumpkin is from Asda and I always love keeping old booze bottles to use as candle holders I think it looks really quirky and adds to the spooky atmosphere I'm trying to create.
Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a spooky cocktail. I had some of my Edinburgh Raspberry Gin with Pomegranate Juice and Soda Water, it goes a lovely deep red colour which looks a little like fake bloody and I served it in this skull cup from Asda which was only £2!
DSCF5628 DSCF5626
One of my favourite things is these little pumpkin fairy lights from my local Pound Shop, I just think fairy lights make any room so cosy. These ones are battery operated which is great as I can leave them on all the time and not feel guilty about wasting electricity.
So that's all my little touches, it's not too much but just enough to make my room feel festive. I'm secretly quite chuffed that I've taken these pictures as it means I can now get tucked in to some of those sweeties...fizzy fang anyone?

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