October 08, 2014

Bio Oil...Worth the Hype?

bio oil I'm pretty sure this little bottle has made it's way into many homes over the years, I was surprised to find out that Bio Oil* was actually only launched in 2002. To me, it seems like one of those products that's been about forever, one that up until recently I hadn't ever tried. I was under the impression that this was the ideal product for pregnant ladies, however when I was scent a little bottle to try, I was shocked at how many different uses it actually has. So I decided to put it to the test and find out if it really is worth the hype...

What appealed to me most was the suggestion of an even skin tone, something I am always striving to achieve. However, I have to admit I wasn't all that sure about using this on my face as I've heard very mixed reviews, I did it anyway... and the results were a little disappointing. My skin just looked and felt exactly same, although not the best result, it isn't prominently marketed for facial use so I guess I can let it off on this one and just stick to my usual evening routine.

My second trial with Bio Oil was using it on my legs. I know summer is long gone, but there is still nothing more pleasing than smooth healthy legs, even if you are covering them up with tights. My legs are really sensitive and mark and bruise so easily, especially after waxing or shaving. I decided to try smoothing this on my legs a couple of nights a week, and compared to my face the results were really great. Any shaving rash I had cleared up really quickly and my legs felt amazing, so soft and smooth. This is something that will now be part of my routine for sure.

The last little experiment I tried with the Bio Oil was popping some in my bath. I figured that if this is as nourishing and healing as it claims to be then surely it must be quite an effective bath oil? Surprisingly it was quite nice, it's certainly not the nicest smelling bath product I've used but my skin felt really moisturised and soothed afterwards, again not something I'd do all the time but maybe something to keep on hand just in case.

I think it would be really good to travel with as it is so multifunctional, I've read about people using the stuff for all sorts. I think mines will most definitely be getting reserved for use on my legs as this was the only thing that seemed to be effective for me. Obviously as with all products make sure it agrees with you before you start slapping it on your face or pouring it in your bath, as there are some pretty unique ingredients in there. Bio Oil is basically a combination of plant extracts and vitamins containing the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil.

Overall, it's not a bad product it might just take you a few attempts at finding how to tailor it to you, definitely one to keep in the bathroom cupboard.

  *PR Sample

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