September 04, 2014

Nails Inc Holland Park Avenue

Nails Inc Holland Park Avenue
As much as I love the look of nude nails, most of the time they don't suit my skintone.  For about a year I've tried to make Nails Inc Porchester Square work for me but I decided to cast it aside and give Nails Inc Holland Park Avenue a try.  This cool toned taupe shade is much more flattering on pale skin and to jazz it up a bit, I added some Nails Inc Whitechapel on the ring finger.

Nails Inc Snowflake Whitechapel
As Nails Inc Whitechapel* doesn't appear to be on the website and it's in the new packaging, I think it's safe to assume this shade will be part of a new collection for Autumn/Winter called Snowflake as the bottle suggests.  It's quite a simple polish with tiny strips of gold mixed with white circles and it really doesn't take much effort to get the amount on the nails as shown above.  I'm excited to see more of the Snowflake range when it comes out.  Simple, yet effective.

Nails Inc Snowflake Whitechapel
As some of you may know, Nails Inc are in the transition of changing their bottle design.  At first I wasn't a huge fan as the polishes wouldn't all be the same size anymore but after giving the new bottle a go, I can see why they needed the change and how it's actually beneficial.

First is the bottle looks much more sophisticated than the previous design.  The lid does make it very heavy but this can be removed so application is much easier.  Another factor is that the concave bottom actually reflects the polish colour inside so you can see how the polish looks on your nails before applying as shown above.  I do believe the polishes will be increasing to £14 but you get 14ml instead of £11 for 10ml so it does work out a little better for consumers.

Overall I think this is a lovely combination, sort of a twist on the traditional nude nail polish look with some sparkle!

*PR Sample

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