August 28, 2014

Essie Mind Your Mittens

Essie Mind Your Mittens
As it seems Summer has come and gone, I thought it would only be fitting to put on Essie's Mind Your Mittens as a transitional colour into Autumn.  Bring on the dark coloured clothes, winter scarves and being cosy under a blanket with some hot chocolate.

Mind Your Mittens is a bit of a strange shade to describe.  At first I would have described it as a muted navy blue, however Essie describes it as a deep, double diamond black teal.  Think Essie After School Boy Blazer with a slightly more greenish tone.

If you caught up with last weeks NOTW, you'll know I had a little spending spree on some nail polish from Fragrance Direct so I managed to pick this up for only £2.25.  Sadly they didn't have too many Essie shades at the time but I couldn't resist picking this one up.

I'd say the texture is sort of semi-matte.  Not quite your super glossy shade but not fully matte either so it comes across quite subtle on the nails.  The application was great as always and I'm always impressed by the staying power of Essie shades.

If you're looking for a new Autumn/Winter shade, pick this up before it's gone!

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