July 18, 2014

Topshop Stippling Brush in Cobalt

Topshop Stippling Brush in Cobalt

When it comes to beauty, I'm all for breaking the rules every now and then.  If a product doesn't work for me in one way, I'll look for other ways to make use of it.  Old cleansers which no longer suit my skin become brush cleaners and old (but clean!) mascara wands become brow tamers.  This is especially true for my brush collection with the addition of Topshop Stippling Brush in Cobalt.  Now even though it might say foundation on the handle, here's how I prefer to use it.

I first picked up this brush on a whim while making a cheeky Topshop order.  It was fairly new at the time and I hadn't heard anyone talk about it yet so I decided to give it a go.  We all need an extra foundation brush in our collection!

The brush itself is densely packed, much more than your typical stippling brush with a diagonal edge to fit perfectly with your face.  Now I first expected this to be like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush but sadly I found the brush took far too long to apply a full face of foundation so it quickly got put into the back of the brush pile.

For some reason I decided to pick it up again but this time for concealer.  Compared to your usual concealer brushes, it's much larger and doesn't seem suitable for the purpose but it completely changed my opinion.

What I like to do is apply a small amount of concealer on blemishes and use this brush to pat it into the skin.  The difference between using this brush compared to the smaller concealer brushes is that it allows the concealer to blend into the areas around the blemish instead of covering a small section which can sometimes bring more attention to the blemish.

If you're particularly blemish prone, definitely give this brush a go!

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