July 24, 2014

Nails Inc Topping Lane

Nails Inc Topping Lane
When this post goes live it will be my 23rd birthday (yay!) so what could be more appropriate than a cake-inspired nail polish?  I've had Nails Inc Topping Lane in my collection for a little while but haven't had a chance to put it on the nails until now.

Topping Lane is a glitter polish with a pink base coat and tiny silver, blue and pink glitters.  It's not the usual shade I'd go for but it's definitely more fun than a boring old nude!  An aspect I like is the pink base coat as most glitter polishes are purely glitter so you can simply pop this on without the need for another polish.

It doesn't need too much layering, I find that two coats is enough for the finished look but I might have been able to get away with a single coat.  As glitter polishes tend to chip I applied a little bit of a top coat on top of nails on one hand for comparison and from looking at the other hand, it does seem to be a necessary step.

As far as glitter polishes go, it's everything you could hope for.  Now time for some birthday cake!

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