July 04, 2014

Flamingo Candles Blackcurrant Jam

Flamingo Candles Blackcurrant Jam

Aside from makeup, we both have a bit of an obsession with tea and candles.  So when we heard Flamingo Candles were coming out with a high tea collection, it was meant to be.  With 5 different kinds of tea inspired scents, it was quite a difficult task to narrow down but in the end, Blackcurrant Jam was the chosen one.

We're no strangers to Flamingo Candles but if you are, they have a wide range of quirky handmade, organic candles.  Lots of candle companies tend to take themselves too seriously so if you want something a little more fun to give as a gift then they're definitely worth checking out.  All the candles are hand poured, made with soyabeans and have a little flamingo on the front (who we've discovered is named Florrie the Flamingo).

Now we've covered the background story, more about the scent.  Blackcurrant Jam is described as: "Sweet and fruity. Blackcurrant Jam is a mouthwatering accord with top notes of blackcurrant preserve and a touch of soft vanilla."  Compared to the previous Flamingo Candle I've tried, this has a much stronger scent and from what I can remember, a much cleaner burn than previously.  As soon as you light it, the scent hits you and fills the room within minutes.  The quality is what I'd expect from a luxury candle brand so if you're looking to save a few pennies without skimping on quality, swapping you're beloved Diptyque Baies for this might be worth a try.

Overall I'm really happy with my choice and I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the High Tea Collection when this runs out.  The Macaroon and Almond candle sounds wonderful!  They also have each scent in scent melt form if you have a wax burner to try out each scent.

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